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31 December 2020 @ 03:10 pm
Inspired by the awesome Yunyu, I have compiled a list of my "Squicks".

None of these rise to the level of 'trigger'. These are just things I don’t enjoy personally (i.e. I wrinkle my nose and close the window).

Note: This is not intended to be rude or shaming in any way. To each his own. I just personally do not 'like' these things.

Squicks under the CutCollapse )

Respect, all around, y'all. ♥

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18 July 2017 @ 08:29 am
Throwing it back...to "Rurouni Kenshin". *gasp*

"Like Real People Do" by Hozier...isn't about Kaoru/Kenshin? Really? Cause I'm pretty sure it is. Just sayin'.


(Every time he sings "Honey" I get Happy Tingles. ^^)

I hope you're all well, Fandom Friends. And, like, people in general. ^^

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01 March 2017 @ 09:11 am
Hey! :)

Did any of you ever notice that Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie basically used the premise of Istoria's fanfic called Silent High from way back in 2004?

I'm sure people have, especially older fans of the fandom such as myself. ^^

I just wish Sakura wasn't such a bitch at certain times...was there any way she could have been more self-centered? Less empathetic, sympathetic, kind, or just generally nice? Like...dude. Give Naruto a goddamn hug. Invite the boy for a sleepover. Take him on the damn date. You SAW how devastated he was. I just...argh!! And the Sasuke obsession just kills me. ;__;

But the worst? Naruto. I feel so awful for Naruto all the time. The poor boy is put through so much in Canon and the repercussions and implications are awful and borderline horror-inducing. I can only imagine how deprived and abused he was. And then to give him his parents in the Genjutsu World...I can't. Having people not actively hate him, having friends, and having Sasuke back is one thing (and he really didn't respond to that properly in the movie, at all, but that is besides the point); but Jiraiya dead and his parents not? A happy home life? I cannot even. ;__;

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26 January 2017 @ 09:06 am
So...I love Oroburos69. However, there has been no activity since:

ff.net: 2011/2013
tumblr: 2013
dreamwidth: 2014
LJ: 2014
AO3: 2015 - one shot

Oroburos69...are you well? Does anyone know? *wishing all the best*

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25 January 2017 @ 09:44 am
I have a lot of feeling about Grimm.

Particularly about Adalind.

And Juliette.

Why do people hate on Juliette so much? Honestly. I don't understand.Collapse )

I just...I can't. I really can't.

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10 November 2016 @ 09:26 am
My fiancée and I applied for our marriage license today!! <3 *___* <3

It should be ready for pickup Monday; we can get (legally) married any time after that!

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09 November 2016 @ 08:15 am
I am so stressed right now.

Especially because I'm a minority four times over (i.e. woman, Latina, bisexual, diabetic = chronic illness) and I am engaged to a same sex partner...I do not see how this is going to go well. ;__;

*looks at icon* ... *cries*

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06 September 2016 @ 05:16 pm
Tumblr meme:

Send me a ship and one of these and I’ll write a mini fic.

[1] things you said at 1 am
[2] things you said through your teeth
[3] things you said too quietly
[4] things you said over the phone
[5] things you didn’t say at all
[6] things you said under the stars and in the grass
[7] things you said while we were driving
[8] things you said when you were crying
[9] things you said when i was crying
[10] things you said that made me feel like shit
[11] things you said when you were drunk
[12] things you said when you thought i was asleep
[13] things you said at the kitchen table
[14] things you said after you kissed me
[15] things you said with too many miles between us
[16] things you said with no space between us
[17] things you said that i wish you hadnt
[18] things you said when you were scared
[19] things you said when we were the happiest we ever were
[20] things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear
[21] things you said when we were on top of the world
[22] things you said after it was over
[23] things you said [make your own]

Original creator of this meme deleted their blog.

Not that anyone ever really requests things from me, but I'm feeling...creative! ^^

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06 January 2016 @ 04:27 am
This should have gone up on the fourth but it has been a whirlwind, so...

...I'm engaged!!!

It happened, it was awesome, more to come.

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12 December 2015 @ 07:13 pm

I may or may not have just sized my finger and helped pick out the options for my engagement ring...?

*excited, happy shrieking like whut*

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